We are entrepreneurs.

Everyone has their own story and their own priorities. We started in our early twenties, joining over 20 years of startup experience. In our work in and for start-ups, we were responsible for a combined annual revenue in the double-digit million range. Everyone has their own experiences and yet we have noticed that some patterns, some mistakes and some insights have repeated themselves for all of us. Whether in the consumer, tech or fashion industry.


Lucas Pulkert

Lucas Pulkert (LinkedIN)
  • Studied in Bergen (Norway) and Mannheim (Germany)
  • Since 2013 founder and managing director of stilfaser GmbH,
    the company behind the fashion brand “von Jungfeld
  • Private lecturer at EC-Campus Frankfurt
  • Free marketing consultant
  • Attaches importance to being an otter in the Indian horoscope
  • What he does well: Marketing & Brand Building, Investor Relations,
    Online Trade, Product Development

Sebastian Steininger

Sebastian Steininger (LinkedIN)
  • Studied in Istanbul (Turkey) and Mannheim (Germany)
  • Founded in 2014 the Carrus Cultus GmbH,
    the company behind the brand “Herrenfahrt
  • Winner of the Mannheim Entrepreneurship Price
    (category: creative industry) with “Herrenfahrt” in 2016
  • Since 2019 founder of FCKNG FASHION, the fashion brand behind the music label FCKNG SERIOUS
  • Is able to bring up situational humor … with enough lead time
  • What he does well: Brand-Building & Marketing, Project Management

Kai S. Utzinger