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Rubicon – a small river in the north of Italy, where Julius Caesar proclaimed: “alea iacta est” – the dice is cast –  before he crossed the river with his army and triggered the Roman civil war.

Statistically, entrepreneurs make more than five risky decisions every day. And these are real entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs with experience who understand their work.

When we founded and built our companies, we were in our early twenties. We had no experience and we would not have called ourselves ‘entrepreneurs’. Over the years we’ve made many decisions – both good and bad ones and some that we would not repeat.

We want to help organizations – corporations, academic institutions, public institutions and young companies. We want to help them make the strategically correct decisions, advise on and navigate topics relevant to founding a company and to provide entrepreneurship with heart and mind. Because we have founded companies ourselves, are carved from the same wood and want to share our experience now.

Welcome to rubiconcepts!


We are entrepreneurs.

Everyone has their own story and their own priorities. We started in our early twenties, joining over 20 years of startup experience. In our work in and for start-ups, we were responsible for a combined annual revenue in the double-digit million range. Everyone has their own experiences and yet we have noticed that some patterns, some mistakes and some insights have repeated themselves for all of us. Whether in the consumer, tech or fashion industry.


Lucas Pulkert

Lucas Pulkert (LinkedIN)
  • Studied in Bergen (Norway) and Mannheim (Germany)
  • Since 2013 founder and managing director of stilfaser GmbH,
    the company behind the fashion brand “von Jungfeld
  • Private lecturer at EC-Campus Frankfurt
  • Free marketing consultant
  • Attaches importance to being an otter in the Indian horoscope
  • What he does well: Marketing & Brand Building, Investor Relations,
    Online Trade, Product Development

Sebastian Steininger

Sebastian Steininger (LinkedIN)
  • Studied in Istanbul (Turkey) and Mannheim (Germany)
  • Founded in 2014 the Carrus Cultus GmbH,
    the company behind the brand “Herrenfahrt
  • Winner of the Mannheim Entrepreneurship Price
    (category: creative industry) with “Herrenfahrt” in 2016
  • Since 2018 business developer at the music label FCKNG SERIOUS
  • Is able to bring up situational humor … with enough lead time
  • What he does well: Brand-Building & Marketing, Project Management

Kai S. Utzinger

Kai S. Utzinger (LinkedIN)
  • Studied in Mannheim (Germany)
  • was until mid-2018 Partner & CSO of DDG – Digital Devotion Group
  • Has advised clients such as the city and
    the state of Luxembourg on virtual reality projects
  • Gives lectures on entrepreneurship, founding member of a startup network, author of several publications
  • Is currently working on a restaurant concept
  • Has been permanently wearing Birkenstocks for an entire year now.
  • What he does well: Sales Strategy & Business Development


We always try to provide our clients with very individual and creative concepts. The individual topics and activities depend very much on the request.

Here is a small excerpt to get a better idea:

Title: “Founding made easy”

  • What happens:
    • Business start-up consulting, development of Business Model Canvases
    • We are Business angels and devils at the same time – from writing a business plan to operational support for individual topics
  • How often:
    • 1-time workshop + long-term care
  • Where:
    • On site (by arrangement)
  • Good to know:
    • We are very sensitive and committed
    • We always criticize only after complimenting
  • Suitable for:
    • Public institutions such as Chambers of Industry and Commerce etc.
    • Corporations
    • Incubators
    • Scientific institutions


Title: “How to Startup – finger tight workshopping”

  • What happens:
    • Innovation promotion & design thinking
    • Product development & management
  • How often:
    • 1-time workshop + long-term care
  • Where:
    • On site (by arrangement)
  • Good to know:
    • Usually we like to drink shots in this format – to warm up our creative veins!
    • You really get ideas for projects to implement in the long run
  • Suitable for:
    • All those who have always wanted to experience entrepreneurial action and thinking on their own body


Title: “Kings of Startup – a RUBICONvention”

  • What happens:
    • Keynotes
    • Presentations, interviews (giving and performing)
  • How often:
    • Once in a lifetime experience!
  • Where:
    • On site (by arrangement)
  • Good to know:
    • If we are all sick, we send Dan Bilzerian as a replacement…
  • Suitable for:
    • Startup events
    • Incubators
    • Corporations
    • Scientific institutions


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