We see ourselves as an interface between consulting and business angels. All the topics in which we offer our services have already been taken care of and worked on personally.

We always try to provide our clients with very individual and creative concepts. Below you will find an overview of project categories for different target groups to get a better idea:

The Rubiconcepts Model Kit

  • Business start-up advice – real and in color,
  • Development of Business Model Canvases
  • We are business angels and devils at the same time – from the business plan to the operational support of individual topics
  • Innovation Promotion & Design Thinking
  • Product Development & Management
  • Keynote speeches
  • Presentations, interviews

For whom is this kit suitable?

  • All those who always wanted to experience entrepreneurial action and thinking on their own body!

Rubiconcepts’ 3-Step Program of Innovation

This program is specifically designed to provide disruptive and creative input for your application.

Step 1: 

Food for thought:
What corporates really can learn from startups – and what not
About agile working methods and tools from the startup world (depending on the topic to define, here are the buzzwords)
Keynote speech:
3 startups and their founder story – and what we can learn from it for ourselves

Step 2: 

The notorious pitch. Only that the experienced entrepreneur does not sit back and wait, what the young savages tell him – but the other way around! Companies are pitching their business model ahead of the infamous rubiconsultants.

Step 3: 

We do the homework and get uncomfortable – and look at your products, your market, your business model and your people. Through us, let us examine your business model specifically from the outside in order to rethink the status quo – and perhaps even think about changes.

For whom is the 3-Step program suitable?

  • Corporations
  • Small and medium sized companies
  • Public institutions
  • Societies

Rubicon Academy – Learn the Startup Way

It is extremely important for us to gain insight into the world of entrepreneurship during academic education. That’s why we launched the Rubicon Academy – with the goal of offering scientific institutions products, showing students as early as possible that they should think creatively and solution-oriented themselves to make a difference in the world.

For whom is the academy suitable?

  • Scientific institutions
  • Public organizations

Sprints over Rubicon – Think and act like a Startup 

We call this “Hands on Intrapreneurship”: Within a short time we work together to solve the problem of a real business case. Promote innovation together and get to know the agile working methods of the startup world. After brainstorming, the prototyping of the conceived project / product takes place.

For whom are the sprints suitable?

  • Public institutions such as IHKs, economic development etc.
  • Corporations
  • SMEs
  • (Startup) Events
  • Scientific institutions